Elderly grateful to learn about Parliament

73-year-old Asaeli Tamanitoakula of Bulileka Village outside Labasa Town counted himself lucky after learning thoroughly well from the Parliament Outreach Team about the processes of how laws are made in the country.

The village headman was one of the many villagers who converged at their village hall on Monday afternoon to listen to the Parliament Bus – an outreach initiative of the Fijian Parliament.

Following the programme, Mr Tamanitoakula said the villagers now understood how they could connect with Parliament and also what happens in Parliament.

“Whilst in the village, we never understand the things that happen inside Parliament. After the presentation today, we are now enlightened and appreciate that whatever is discussed inside Parliament is for everyone,” Mr Tamanitoakula said

“We have learnt a lot of new things and in future, when we watch the Parliament session, we understand how certain things happen inside Parliament.”

Similar sentiments were echoed by the Nadogo Technical College principal Josevata Caucau, when the team visited them earlier in the day.

“Most of our students and staff members have yet to enter Parliament. We’ve just seen the concrete structure and normally see the debate on television,” Mr Caucau said.

“We are fortunate to be informed about the whole operation of Parliament, the history, the mannerism and procedures of Parliament.”

“After the session today supported by pictures, videos, educational materials and the customary items being displayed, we are filled with knowledge and understanding of what Parliament is about.

“We thank that the Parliament of Fiji to devote a time to visit the grassroots and to inform and equip us with knowledge of what Parliament is about.”

Today, the team will continue with the ‘Parliament Bus’ outreach programme at All Saints Secondary School, Labasa Muslim College and Tabia Secondary School.