Education is Key – Speaker Hon. Ratu Naiqama

The Speaker of Parliament and Turaga Na Tui Cakau the Hon. Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu emphasised that education is the key for the well-being of the province.
Whilst opening the Provincial Council meeting this morning, the Hon. Speaker did not mince his words while sharing his plans and vision for the province.
“Education is the key for our well-being. In whatever field we want to go into, education will help us to succeed. Whether you want to become a farmer, fisherman, church pastor or even a parliamentarian, education will help you to perform to the best of your abilities.”
“I encourage my children to study hard to add credentials to their names. If you’re a chief, try to add a credential to your chiefly status.”
“Our forefathers went to great lengths to support our education that enabled us to be well educated. Some went to boarding schools in Viti Levu and other institutions.”
“I urge you all to uplift the level of education of our children.”
Another topic the Tui Cakau elaborated on was the usage of land.
And lastly, he emphasised the importance of instilling discipline in youths and in the society.
“Instilling discipline will assist in curbing criminal activities in our societies. I urge you all to carefully ponder on this issue. All our chiefs in the colonial era, including the late Turaga Tui Nayau, had gone through military training.”
“Cadetship is fine with me but I want to urge us to take this issue seriously and let us bring back discipline in our various settings.”
The Hon. Prime Minister and Honourable Ministers who were present also had the opportunity to brief the provincial council members of the Government’s development plans, ending with a Question and Answer session.
The meeting will continue tomorrow with an update from the Commissioner Northern Division and other non-government organisations.