Deputy Speaker attends 35th CPA Conference

As part of efforts to strengthen relationship ties, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon. Ruveni Nadalo was invited to attend the 35th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) for Australia and the Pacific region which was held in Raratonga, Cook Islands.

The three-day conference which ended yesterday with the theme “Leadership Excellence for the Good: Share-Exchange-Act”, was initiated by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth’s Commonwealth Day message.

Her Majesty’s message was – ‘An Inclusive Commonwealth’ – As an inspiration and willingness to share, exchange and to act for the common good, are key elements in building and shaping our society.

Cook Island’s Speaker of Parliament Hon. Niki Rattle said: “As one of the smallest Parliaments in the Commonwealth with big challenges, the message from Her Majesty provided elements of motivation and confidence to overlook these challenges and to maintain a vibrant and positive attitude towards the Parliamentary role that we are totally committed to uphold”.

Hon. Rattle said it was truly an honour to have Hon. Nadalo at the conference because it was an opportunity for them to share, exchange and act for the common good of the uniqueness of our culture and people and also share the experiences from our respective legislative councils and assemblies.