Dawasamu students learn about Parliament

Students and teachers of Dawasamu Secondary School were today enlightened on the roles and functions of Parliament, works of Parliament and how they can engage with Parliament.

Being the last school located along Kings Road in the Tailevu Province, the 181 students and 22 teachers were grateful that Parliament information was brought to their doorstep.

Year 13 Karen Gade Kotobalavu learnt that Speaker plays a very important role in Parliament.

“Speaker to me is the main person in the Parliament as she controls Parliament sitting.”

“What amuses me was the dragging of the Speaker. Now I learnt about the history behind this act and it is very interesting.”

“Another aspect I found educational was the Mace, the importance of the mace as it symbolises the authority of the Speaker.”

“I’m also thankful to Mr Penijamini Valebuli for protecting the Mace during the coup in the Year 2000,” Ms Kotobalavu said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Year 13 Taniela Ravubale.

“I found the programme very interesting and entertaining.

“I learnt that Speaker acts as a referee in Parliament. She listens a lot while Members of Parliament are the ones doing the talking.”

Tomorrow, the Parliament Bus programme will visit Vunimono Secondary School and Dilkusha Memorial High School.

Last two weeks, similar programme was conducted in the remote villages in the Lau group and part of Taveuni and Kadavu.