Cyclone victims all smiles after visiting Parliament

Senior students of Ra High School in the Western Division now have a better understanding about the Parliament of Fiji following their educational visit to the institution on Thursday, 21st July 2017.

The students all shared similar sentiments, labelling the trip as “educational and eye-opening”.

School Head Girl Wainise Cevalala said the 98 senior students were all privileged to be part of the trip as it would assist them to choose wisely their career paths in the not so distant future.

“We are about to join tertiary institutions and this educational visit has helped us to carefully choose our career paths,” she said.

“Some of us can study to become Parliament staff or even Members of Parliament or work in the civil service. This trip is indeed eye-opening and for us, being students of a rural school, this is definitely a lifetime opportunity and we are so glad to be here.

“Our school was badly damaged by Tropical Cyclone Winston last year and we are still learning from makeshifts. This visit has encouraged us to continue with our studies for our future benefits.”

School Head Boy Asipurusi Tagane also said that the presentation made by the Parliament staff was very educational.

“We have learnt a lot of new things such as the different roles played by the Executive, Parliament and the Judiciary body,” he said.

“Also, it’s really inspiring to learn about how the Parliament operates. We now understand why there are a lot of debates in Parliament, among other important activities during sittings and we sincerely thank the staff for this great opportunity.”

Meanwhile, DAV Girls College also visited Parliament this week.