Communication from the Speaker on the Parliament Sitting livestreaming on Facebook

I welcome all Honourable Members to the final Parliament sitting for this week.

I also welcome all those watching the live broadcast and the live streaming of today’s proceedings from the Committee Room and those from the comfort of their home, offices and mobile phones – thank you for your continued interest in your Parliament.

Honourable Members, as you are all aware, Parliament sittings are broadcast live and streamed live through the Parliament Channel on the Walesi platform, Parliament live stream URL and the Facebook platform.

Honourable Members, it has been brought to my attention that the Facebook platform is providing auto-generated subtitles, which I have been advised are incorrect and out of context. Honourable Members, I can verily confirm that the Parliament does not provide nor have control on the subtitles that appear on the screen.

As I have alluded to, these subtitles are auto-generated and is a feature that is controlled entirely by Facebook.

Therefore, given that the Parliament has no control over the auto-generated subtitles which are incorrect, I have given instructions that the live stream of all Parliament sittings including its Committees through the Facebook platform, is hereby terminated indefinitely. This move is necessary as it is crucial to maintain the integrity of Parliament and the important work that it is mandated to undertake.

Honourable Members, for viewers who watch the live Parliament sittings on the Facebook platform, they can now watch all the live sessions by visiting

Thank you Honourable Members.