Clarity on Emoluments Committee Process

On Monday, 11 September 2023, the Fijian Parliament passed a resolution that in addition to the resolution of Parliament on Wednesday, 12 July 2023, Parliament approves that the Emoluments Committee –

  • reviews the salaries, allowances and benefits of the Members of Parliament, President and Speaker as provided for under the Parliamentary Remunerations Act 2014;
  • reviews the Parliamentary Retirement Allowances Act 1989; and
  • must report back to Parliament at a later sitting.

The Members of the Emoluments Committee are as follows –

  • Hon. Lynda Tabuya (Chairperson);
  • Hon. Ro Filipe Tuisawau;
  • Hon. Aseri Radrodro;
  • Hon. Alvick Maharaj; and
  • Hon. Mosese Bulitavu.

For the purposes of providing clarity to queries that have been received, the Emoluments Committee is still undertaking its assignment and the Emoluments Committee will continue in existence until it completes its assignment as resolved by Parliament.

After the Emoluments Committee has concluded its deliberations and discussions, it will develop and finalise its recommendation(s) and report, which will be tabled back in Parliament by the Chairperson.

All Honourable Members of Parliament will be given time to peruse the report and on a later sitting day during the sitting week, a motion will be moved for the Parliament to adopt and approve the recommendation(s) and report of the Emoluments Committee. The motion will be debated and a vote will be taken at the end of the debate.

Until such time when the vote is taken, all existing provisions under the Parliamentary Remunerations Act 2014 and Parliamentary Retirement Allowances Act 1989 are still in force and will be implemented/applied accordingly.