Build relationships to become better leaders of tomorrow – Speaker urges

You will become effective leaders when you are able to build relationships with those around you.

These were the comments made by the Speaker Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni while delivering her keynote address during the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) camp event at Suva’s Thurston Garden last night.

“When you build relationships, you will be able to lead and influence others to have more globalised minds,” she said.

“The IYF is a global youth organisation based on Christianity, founded by people from all walks of life from different countries who have a purpose of developing stronger youths to become leaders of future global generations.”

Hon. Dr Luveni added that bringing youths together throughout Fiji to be part of the camp is indeed a great opportunity.

“Through the camp, the lives of youths will be moulded well to become leaders of tomorrow,” she said.

“These leaders will have the confidence to take whatever challenges that will come their way.”

At the same time, Hon. Dr Luveni congratulated the IYF and its Fiji and Pacific counterparts for bringing such camps to our shores, something that is interesting and enjoyable for the participating youths.