Appreciate each other – Mrs Namosimalua

Secretary-General to Parliament Mrs Viniana Namosimalua has urged students in Ba to take heed of the Parliament education and apply good judgment for their future benefits.

While speaking to the students of Khalsa College during the “Parliament Bus” programme last week, Mrs Namosimalua said decisions made in Parliament affected all, including young people.

“When you are listening to us through this programme, you are forming your own opinions about what you will do about this information,” Mrs Namosimalua said.

“Decisions made in Parliament about our health, infrastructure, school systems and economic development to name a few affect us all and it’s important that we participate in its work.

“For you to be a good and effective citizen, you should also learn to appreciate one another. Appreciate each other’s culture, race, ethnicity, background and religion because this will enable you to contribute to a better Fiji.

“This should start from home as this is the most important unit. As young people, make it your business to respect your parents and elders and listen to them. When you do this, you will practice it outside to others.”

At the same time, Mrs Namosimalua also shared similar sentiments to the students of Ba Sanatan College.

“Our foundation is our home. We have only one shot at life-make it count and become a successful person in future,” she told the students.

Meanwhile, the Parliament outreach team also visited Nukuloa College, Nasolo and Natutu Village as part of the programme.