ACS students urged to become future parliamentarians

Speaker of Parliament Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni this morning encouraged 30 senior students of Adi Cakobau School in Sawani to be academically-driven and could consider joining politics in a bid to become future Members of Parliament.

In her brief address to the students during their school excursion to Parliament, Hon. Dr Luveni said ACS was renowned for producing some fine women who have made their names in the nation’s workforce, some of whom have become Parliamentarians.

“Maybe one of you will occupy one of these seats here in Parliament in future, who knows,” Hon. Dr Luveni told the students.

“Study hard and you may consider joining politics in future. You might either become a Member of Government in Parliament or Opposition, or even the Speaker one day.

“Thank you for visiting today as this shows that you are taking interest in your Parliament.”

Year 13 student, Vasemaca Rokonai said learning more about the Fiji Parliament was interesting.

“We are about to exit out of high school to join tertiary studies and to learn something important as such will really help us a lot in choosing our career paths wisely,” she said.

“All of us are delighted to be here and we thank the Parliament staff for this wonderful opportunity.”

Fellow colleague, Vani Momoedonu echoed similar views, adding the visit was a remarkable one as they learned more new information about the works of Parliament.

Parliament is always open to the public for tours during weekdays.