On 9th February, 2015, the Parliament referred the Companies Bill (2015) to the Standing Committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights.  As per Standing Order 110 (1) (a), the Committee must now examine the Bill and make amendments to the Bill to the extent agreed by Committee.

The Committee has been given three (3) months to scrutinise the Bill in detail. The Committee will seek written views and will also call witnesses before the Committee to provide oral evidence.

Interested parties are invited to consider

  1. Does the Bill achieve its aim of modernising the laws related to the incorporation, regulation and winding up of companies in Fiji?
  2. Are there specific sections or clauses that the Committee should investigate in further detail?
  3. Are there specific clauses that should be amended or removed?
  4. What would be the implications of this Bill, if approved, on you or your organisation?

Submit written evidence

Interested parties are invited to keep to a word limit of 2,000 words and to focus their submission on the key questions listed above.

There is no need to address all the issues raised in all the clauses.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, 3rd April 2015, although it would be helpful to submit written evidence before that date if possible.

Please send your written submissions by email to  or by post to P O Box 2353, Government Buildings, Suva.

Written Submission Guidance

It will assist the Committee if those submitting evidence adhere to the following guidelines. Each submission should:

  • State clearly who the submission is from, i.e. whether from yourself in a personal capacity or sent on behalf of an organisation, for example the submission could be headed ‘Written evidence submitted by xxxxxx’
  • Be concise – we recommend no more than 2,000 words in length.
  • Begin with an executive summary in bullet point form of the main points made in the submission.
  • Include a brief introduction about yourself/your organisation and your reason for submitting evidence.
  • Have numbered paragraphs.
  • Include any factual information you have to offer from which the committee might be able to draw conclusions, or which could be put to other witnesses for their reactions.

Copies of the Companies Bill, 2015 can be downloaded from the Parliament ( or purchased from Government Printing at $22.70 a copy.