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  1. Position Level : Salary Band K
  2. Salary Range : $59, 945.18 – $76, 852.80
  3. Duty Station : Government Buildings, Suva
  4. Reporting Responsibilities;
  5. Reports To: Deputy Secretary General
  6. Liaises with: Internal : HS, SGP, Deputy Secretary, Hon MP’s, Staff and other stakeholders

External: other Ministries and Departments and stakeholder agencies

  1. Subordinates: Direct – 5 Principals (Band I) and indirect – 45 staff within the Corporate             Services Division


The position exists for the purpose of supporting the Office of the Secretary-General to Parliament in providing strategic direction and oversight of corporate responsibilities to ensure efficient and effective services in the areas of: finance, human resources administration, assets management, monitoring evaluation & compliance, training and quality management and information communication technology. It also exists to provide high level policy and technical advice to internal and external stakeholders.


  1. To provide effective and efficient leadership and management of the Corporate Services Division
  2. To ensure that policy advice and other assigned work provided to Executive Management are robust, well researched and is well within standing policies, instructions, procedures and legislations;
  3. To ensure an optimum level of achievement and reporting of the key deliverables of the Division as outlined in the Departments Operational Plan;
  4. To provide guidance in the development of key strategic plans and policies, facilitate its review and ensure that all procedural and policy guidelines are met;
  5. To provide guidance and oversight on all related functional areas and to ensure compliance to relevant policy and legislative requirements.
  6. To effectively contribute to the strategic and operational development of the department as part of the Executive Team and ensure its compliance with appropriate policy guidelines and legislative framework;
  7. To manage, supervise, monitor and evaluate performance of all direct reportees and staff within the Division.


Performance will be measured through the following indicators:

  1. Corporate services policies and procedures and plans are reviewed, updated and documented to meet good practice standards, policy and legislative requirements and submitted within agreed timeframes;
  2. All Policy and technical advice to HS, SGP, Hon MP’s, and DSG, etc. on matters regarding areas of technical responsibility are robust, can withstand peer and public scrutiny, aligns with Executive Management standing instructions and approved approach, is pragmatic and implemented within agreed timeframes;
  3. Effective and timely management of staff performance and outcomes and regular monitoring of attendance to enable delivery of quality and timely outputs outlined in the Departments Operational Plan;
  4. All reports are submitted within the agreed timeframes, and meet the standard reporting requirement, including analytical trends, analyses of data and any recommendations for improvement;
  5. Appropriate Financial approvals are delivered within agreed timeframes and compliant with financial procedures


Essential Qualification: 

A relevant Post Graduate qualification with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Financial Management, Economics, Public Policy, Administration, management or equivalent, the following Knowledge, Experience, Skills and Abilities are required to successfully undertake this role:


  1. At least 5-10 years of working knowledge on the areas of specified in the key responsibilities of the position;
  2. Good understanding of the Fijian Constitution and all other relevant legislative and policy framework;
  3. Working knowledge of public sector administration and financial management policy and procedures;
  4. A good working knowledge in Microsoft Office Suite and in particular Word, Excel, PowerPoint.


  1. Demonstrates ability for forward thinking and planning in the areas of HR, Finance, Planning, Policy Training and in the supervision of employees;
  2. Organizational abilities and the ability to be impartial, confidential and to make firm decisions;
  3. Demonstrates behavior that reflects high levels of performance and a strong work ethic; has a focus on results, ethical decisions and balance;
  4. Demonstrated ability to manage demanding workload and tight deadline;
  5. Ability to lead a team with proven leadership skills and abilities and effectively work within a team with people from diverse backgrounds and communicate with people at all levels;
  6. Displays an ongoing commitment to learning and self-improvement;
  7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills including public relations skills;
  8. Service oriented approach and ability to develop, co-ordinate and maintain stakeholder relationships.


The Department of Legislature operates in a politically sensitive environment.  Any person who is, and is seen to be active in political affairs and intends to publicly carry on this activity, may compromise the strict political neutrality of the Department of Legislature and cannot be considered for employment.

All applicants for employment in the Department of Legislature must be under the age of 55, in sound health, with a clear police record. The successful applicant will be required to provide a police clearance report and medical certificate.

The Department of Legislature is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications are encouraged from all eligible, qualified applicants. Only the specific knowledge, experience, skills and abilities required for the job will be considered in assessing the relative suitability of applicants.


Applications must be submitted by 4.00 pm on Friday, 26th July, 2019; late applications will not be accepted.

Note: Previous applicants need not re-apply.



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